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PDF File

What format do you use for your flashcards?

How and when do I receive my downloadable file?

Can I download my PDF file from your website in the future?

I lost my PDF file. What to do?

Can I share the PDF files on my blog?

How should I print and prepare the PDF files for use?

Do the PDF files come with instructions?

Are your PDF files compatible with a Mac?

What if I have problems using the PDF files?


Do I have to create an account in order to purchase your product?

What is the point of having an account?

Payments, Returns and Refunds

What is your return and refund policy?

What payment methods do you accept?

How do I know that my credit card and personal information are safe?

Across the Board

How do I subscribe to your email newsletter?

What kind of selection do you have?

How can we contact you?