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Hello and welcome to Early Learning Printables.

Thank you for visiting our site. I’m sure by now you wonder why you are here, who we are and what our website can offer to you.

I will answer all of these questions and throw some more into the pot.

Most likely you are here because you found me on Pinterest or Facebook where you sign up to receive one of our early education freebies, or maybe you are a parent looking for tips, advice or any information about how to start teaching your baby early in life.

My name is Marta Wilson.

Marta Wilson owner of the EarlyLearningPrintables

I was born in Poland and at the age of 21, I landed on American soil. Many years in this country led me to Hawaii where I married my husband and had two beautiful boys.

 Early Education at Home with two boys.

My first boy Eaton was born on December 26, 2008, and second named Nathaniel on March 7, 2011. I started early education with both of my boys two months after they were born. First few years of teaching them I documented on the blog I had at that time. You can visit it and search for any particular topic you are interested. I need to mention this blog has only a tiny fraction of what I did with my boys.

At the beginning of my early education journey, I met online my friend who became my partner in the business, Kinga Podsiadlo.

Kinga Podsiadlo owner of the EarlyLearningPrintables

She was a dedicated mom like me who wanted the best possible option for her two boys. We opened earlylearningprintables.com, but we treated it as a hobby. We both love to prepare educational materials and coming up with new ideas we can implement with our children. Our love for the potential and the future of our children was the main reason we got together and decided to open up our site.

At first, without any website (just domain 😉) we started to share our printables in Teachers Pay Teachers platform. You can visit our store to find more recommendations and comments about our products. I believe that trust is mandatory for any business and I want you to know that we are real and that we share only high-quality products.

Early Education Starts at Home. Right Brain method. Glenn Doman method at home.

My intention with earlylearningprintables.com is to gather all these ideas from my previous blog into one place where I can present methods, strategies, tips, and ideas of what worked for us, education wise.

You will find printable materials I used with my boys like flashcards, memory games, Glenn Doman method of reading, math program, dots, matching cards, etc. I will show you how to use all of these materials with your child so that he can get the maximum result. I will show you how you can teach your child to read at 12 months or earlier.

I need to mention over here that I didn't follow any particular method of education. I used some Montessori wooden materials and the idea of preparing the environment around your child. I used Glenn Doman's cards and approach, but I modified the strategy to fit into the rhythm of my child.

My primary approach to education was to observe my child daily, his likes, attention, and effort and provide educational toys, printables, games to fulfill his needs. When I noted that he likes a specific way of learning or that he is eager to work on something I provided that material the NEXT DAY. 

In my opinion, that was the crucial idea I implemented, that made a huge difference in learning and started accelerated education.

Early teaching is a fascinating subject. My passion grew, even more, when I started to see positive feedback from my first son.

I believe that you can start teaching your baby early in life and achieve similar results or even better than we did.

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Marta Wilson Portret-The Owner of Early Learning Printables Marta Wilson